Haunted Coast flutes differ from other flutes. Haunted Coast Flutes sound different and are played in a pentatonic scale. Native American Flutes are not like the metal flutes we typically know that are played in a chromatic scale. Typical Native American Flute are tuned in keys that make them produce a “haunting” tone. Hence the name: Haunted Coast Flutes.

It’s possible to play tunes and music that North Americans are familiar with, the music typically played on a Native American style flute comes from the soul. Native American style flutes originate in the cultures of the Indigenous people of the American South West.

Haunted Coast Flutes are handmade. Canadian artisan Randy Millar, working in a small shop in Nanaimo, BC, bases his designs on these traditional styles. Randy’s eye for art produces beautiful sounding flutes that are put on display by their owners. He gets a lot of satisfaction when he sees and hears the excitement as someone plays one of his flutes for the first time. 

Look for new flutes soon. Randy is busy in the shop catching up on sales making new flutes made from a variety of woods and Keys. If your wanting a specific wood or key in a flute contact Randy and he’ll try to accommodate you by making a custom flute meeting your needs. 

Watch: Randy’s Flutes

Watch: Inside Randy’s Shop