Custom Laminated Paddles


Mixed colors of old growth western red cedar artistically organised these VIPaddles are “pretty.” Stronger than a “Basic” paddle the old growth Western Red Cedar is from the same woodlot all of Randy’s cedar comes from on Malcolm Island in Johnstone Strait, BC Canada. With hardwood tips these paddles are suitable for touring paddlers not exposed to rocky beach landings or shorelines without Purple Heart tips.

Custom Laminated Paddles

$225.00 US – $280.00 CDN Regular (no tip, no pin stripes)

To purchase this paddle, please contact Randy or email

Customize Your Paddle

  • Exotic hardwood tips – $50.00 US $60.00 CDNper pair
  • Pin striping & Ash strip – $25.00 US $30.00 CDN per stripe
  • Carbon fiber connector installed – $75.00 US – $90.00 CDN
  • Tung oil finish $0.0