Hand Made Custom Greenland Paddles for Kayakers

Modern kayaks owe most of their design to western Greenland, while Greenland paddles continue to be a truly classic tool for sea kayakers with origins dating back 3000 years. These paddles were designed with practicality and efficiency in mind in an environment where harsh conditions meant a mistake could cost the ultimate price. With their characteristically widening tapered shape spanning from the centre (also known as the ‘loom’) towards the tips of the blade, the Greenland paddle is ergonomic in both form and function, known for its ease of use and practicality with kayaking rolling since the full length of the blade can be extended while still allowing both hands to grip around the width even at the tip. This extra leverage means a wide variety of rolls can be made from various positions. In fact, there are over 35 different types of Greenland rolls which originated from this region.


Available Styles of Greenland Paddles:

  1. Basic model – best suited for calm water touring.
  2. Rock n’ Roller – designed to withstand the wear and breakage under moderate conditions of high winds but beautiful on glassy water https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjCndhLIA9I?rel=0 


The “Rock n’ Roller” Greenland Paddle:

The construction of the Rock n’ Roller involves carving it from one piece of locally sourced Western Red Cedar encompassing a stylish and functional reinforcing strip down the middle composed of either Ash or similar woods bonded with a plastic resin glue (strong enough to be used on aircraft frames such as the legendary DeHavilland Mosquito Bomber from WWII). The paddle tips are created with the very dense and beautiful Purpleheart wood, which is bonded using a structural epoxy with carbon-fiber dowels.

As its name implies, the Rock n’ Roller paddle is fantastic for rock gardening, rolling and touring the rugged BC coastal waters.

These Greenland paddles are also made as two halves joined together by a strong carbon-fiber ferrule for ease of storage. All paddles are custom tailored to fit your body and are handcrafted in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island.

These kayak paddles are made of wood and as such are subject to failure under certain conditions (such as paddle float rescues and forceful extended strokes) but under normal circumstances will last several years when properly cared for (instructions on maintenance included).


Greenland Paddle Pricing:

  1. Basic Greenland paddle, 2-piece: $275
  2. Rock n’ Roller Greenland paddle 1-piece : $275
  3. Rock n’ Roller Greenland paddle 2-piece : $350*

* Regrettably retro-fitting an existing one-piece paddle with a ferrule may not always be feasible.

Experience the gracefulness and power of the Greenland paddle, a tool used for millennia among indigenous and modern technical kayakers, a functional work of art that can be used as either your main kayaking paddle or to complement a “Euroblade.”

For inquiries or orders please contact me, Randy@vipaddles.com.

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